WATERTANKER – Water and Waste water tank semi-trailer

  1. WATERTANKER – Water and Waste water tank semi-trailer

Optimized tare weight for a maximum payload


Chassis : Painted steel or stainless-steel pickled/passivated
Vessel : 304 or 316 stainless-steel
Use : Transport of water, slurry, molasses and liquid fertilizer
Volume : 25 000L up to 30 000L

• One compartment barrel with baffles
• One Man hole DN 500 with pneumatic vent valove
• Central outlet pipe DN 100 to the rear
• Neaside walkway on top as pers UK HSE regulations
• Side hose carriers
• Stainless steeel rear cabinet with automatically valve opening when rear door opens
• Deum brakes

• Discharge pump with hydraulic drive
• Pressure tank
• Axles of your choise
• Stainless steel rear cabinet
• Painted end bottoms

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