REPAIR Department

  1. REPAIR Department

A special service that benefits from the latest technologies and training

The MAISONNEUVE Repair Service profits from the expertise and professionalism of the MAISONNEUVE group.

Warranty on spare parts
Services and sales support in: Germany, Poland, Croatia, Serbia,Slovakia,Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark,England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland

Our expert technicians are qualified and regularly trained in technological developments and changes in regulations.

Our specific equipment for maintenance and repair are all approved.

• Frame Straightening
• Body Straightening
• Tank and chassis repairs

• Hydraulic equipment and repairs
• Electrical equipment


• Appointment taking for diagnostic within 24h.
Prompt handling of your vehicle on site or in our premises
• Parts and labour guarantee


+33 (0)2 33 50 99 08

+33 (0)7 86 27 58 28