FOODTANKER – Liquid foodstuff tank semi-trailer

  1. FOODTANKER – Liquid foodstuff tank semi-trailer

Food safety ensured !


Chassis : protected against corrosion painted steel or stainless-steel pickeld and passivated
Vessel : 304 or 316 stainless-steel
Use : Transportation and or distribution of liquid foodstuffs
Volume : up to 36.000 l with baffles or seperate compartments

• Individual vehicle configuration to be maximum user-friendly
• Payload optimized stainless steel chassis
• Insulation of 100 mm
• Outer shell: highly polished stainless steel or GRP in a color of your choise

• Up to 6 compartments ATP proofed
• Also available as Cylindrical pressure vessel
• Running gear of your choise
• Side man holes
• Self-priming pump
• Stainless steel anti-sliding passerelle with handrail and ladder, possible to be done on both sides
• 2 or 4 stainless steel heating coils for hot water or steam operation

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